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death row to complete vindication. >> a controversial ex chicago cop that has been on the wrong side of the law before on death
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row in the 90's for murder before he turned around his sentence now 61 year-old steven mandel charged extortion attempt can make your skin crawl the details of unveiled today in court are graphic alleging that him and a former police officer also 61, set up a killing chabert in an empty office of chicago's northwest side a place they nicknamed club med outfitted with a shower, heavy countertops and a sink where they planned to torture kale and cut up a real estate investor they referred to as soupy sales investigators found it loaded firearms ammunition, a butcher knife and saws suitable for the dismemberment of victim one. also searched last night was mandela's home in this quiet
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buffalo grove apartment building where residents would have no reason to suspect what their neighbor was planning he was allegedly caught on tape saying my god knows what he's doing he knows how to water board due interrogations the plant investigators say was to kidnap the victim while posing as police complete with a fake warrant for his arrest to rob them of half a million dollars and another recording was made inside club med two days ago >> first, mandel and his partner allegedly planned what they would be asking for quoting again, pretty chilling stuff
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they were wrested the next day yesterday allegedly as they prepare to grab the men still known only as a victim one investigator said they had investigatorsfake hand guns and police ideas on them. another former chicago police officer sentenced to 18 months in a federal prison after being convicted of extortion. during a sentencing hearings today he was following the order of a superior officer and ordered to be granted time off to visit his children in ohio, 300 birds rescued in the western suburbs of chicago pulled out of town home that had been declared a health hazard. it's one of the
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more unusual situations that the city of aurora has ever had to deal with almost 400 birds dead and alive or removed from home the cleanup is far from over. contractors hired by the city of aurora worked for seven hours today catching the birds and putting them into cages. by 2:00 p.m. they had rescued about 150 birds and by 5:00 p.m., all 325 birds were out workers say there were about 60 dead birds inside the home. this is a grave situation to find ourselves in the owner of the home david was here at the start today but then chose to leave well workers removed his birds the first and second floors were cleared first the biggest challenge was the lowest level of a home you mentioned that the basin was the most difficult area, why was that? >> just because it's an unfinished basements, it's open.
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the birds were in the holes in dry walls. a spokesperson says that she is optimistic they will be able to find homes for many of the birds. they look remarkably well, i just came from the shelter in villa park, we currently have approximately 60 birds there that have been based, fed watered and assessed but she says there will have to be examined thoroughly before they are put up for adoption. the birds have been in an environment with very poor air quality they certainly are susceptible to it just as much as we humans are. there will be at least a 30 day quarantine period because we certainly don't want to opt out any birds that may have an issue later on down the road. anyone interested in adopting these birds should contact the greater chicago bird club. another inspection is
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scheduled for november 2nd. fire ravages an old church in the englewood neighborhood on the south side. fire crews battled the fire from outside hearing that the roof was going to collapse no one was hurt but the pastor is devastated. >> i am just devastated, i don't know what to do. no cause yet for the fire the landmark church built in the 1800's it's known for its stained-glass windows recently renovated and given a new roof was the safe haven for kids in the neighborhood, mourners lined up of around the block to attend the week for seven meadows please continue to
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investigate a joy riding crash that took the teen-ager's life. charges are expected against the teenage driver in this fatal crash while aurora police continued to piece together exactly what happened, a large crowd turned out tonight for the 15 year-old devon. to lose a life at that young of the nature is very sad i am very sorry for his family and we are here to support him the line at the funeral home in naperville stretched out the door and spilled onto the sidewalk the crowds mostly teenagers are grappling with grief after losing their friend and classmate, devon metals was a sophomore at mantilla valley high school in oro and a standout wide receiver on the school football team. what
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started out as a joy ride early tuesday morning ended in tragedy police say the driver who didn't have a license took his father's car, lost control and slammed into a garage devon was the only one not wearing a seatbelt he was ejected from the back seat the other 315 year-old suffered minor injuries police are looking at a diagram of the crash and a toxicology report, talking to witnesses and recovering evidence there was no initial indication that drugs or alcohol was involved but speed was likely a factor devon's classmates have pulled together since learning the news leaning on each other to soften the blow of such a devastating loss. it's hard to believe that every day you go to school your note is not going to be there again.
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it's really hard to go through that. the funeral for devon meadows is tomorrow morning at st. lutheran church at 10:00 a.m.. closing arguments scheduled for monday, the demetrias jones murder trial the first one televised live in illinois and on our sister channel in court today the deal of the 20 year-old at his police interrogation was played he was crying to his mother after admitting to hurt and police that he shot and killed marcus sanders in august of 2011, jones said his fight was with holbrooke.
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another juror was replaced by an alternate juror the one from the 12 member panel said he could not be back in court on monday opened to keep a blue state blue vice president joe biden trying to make the case for his boss's economic plan and tracking the franken storm.
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dot vice-vice president joe ryan campaigning and kenosha. >> it's ajoe biden campaigning in kenosha. >> early voting is available
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between now and november 2nd. speaking to a packed gymnasium a president's job is to create jobs in america for americans with the americans, bringing home jobs to americans this is a civic lesson in action here. a fellow democrat believes the obama buy and ticket will pull out the win in a state where polls show that the president and romney in a very tight race. i can't even understand how he offshore is his money let alone
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jobs. mitt romney is on the move when voters in swing states in the close presidential race tonight in the key battleground state of ohio for the second time in 90 days the government announced the economy grew by 2 percent in the third quarter exceeding expectations. after the stimulus was passed to the white house promised that the economy would be growing at
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4.3% over twice as fast. today he dismissed romney's economic failed economic policies of the past. the chicago tribune endorsed the president for the second time, the paper says that he is credited for effectively prosecuted the war on terror. i think the youth has
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a lot of power and we have the power to make a difference. they are really open to both sides. the kids will enjoy the opportunity banks to school teachers who picked them to participate in the program. the top democrat in the u.s. senate has been released from the hospital after being involved in a car accident he was riding in a vehicle near las vegas when his motorcade crashed into another vehicle. the member of the senator staff was injured but wasn't sent to a hospital. east coast residents breezing for hurricane sandy help it may impact voter turnout and an unspeakable crime and danny accused of stabbing to death to children she was caring for.
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shocking new information about conditions inside the pharmacy like to the deadly meningitithe east
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coast is bracing tonight for hurricanes in the next week worst-case scenario it could merge with strong cold front moving to acreating a super storm. they're both canceling upcoming events in virginia beach. some analysts say it might even
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impact early voting. shopping now today tomorrow to be ready for the event is absolutely critical to be sure that you have what you need and of course we urge everybody to have at least one battery powered radio said you could have constant information about the track of the storm if you lose power. damage in the caribbean has been much more significant than what was expected at least on the east coast sandy killed at least 41 as it moved over haiti jamaica and cuba. a new york city nanny is in critical condition after she killed two young kids and attempted to take her own life, the children's mother came home to find her six year-old daughter and two year- old son in a pool of blood in the bathtub the nanny was near the children's bodies and then used the knife on herself
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initial reports say that he was the family's nanny for about two years. she managed a big smile for a mother and father shot in the head by the taliban reunited with her family in the hospital in england the 15 year-old became a target because she promotes education for women and girls, she is making very good progress, no more infections she just need to recover physically and psychologically. they plan to go back to pakistan even though there is a bounty on her head. going the distance the length one woman went to in order to fight off disease microsoft's new tablets will it take a bite out of apple?
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>> in tonight's medical watch going the distance to find a cure it local patient and list the community to help pick a disease. when i get and the water there are no symptoms whatsoever. it's her place of refuge a competitive swimmer in college she comes here to wash away the physical reminder of her disease. something was very apparent to me in february of 2005 my pinky was shaking and whenever i would sit down my leg would start shaking and i didn't think anything of it but in time her symptoms got worse. in early 2006 she made an appointment with a movement specialist. within five minutes of seeing this doctor she said right away you've got
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parkinson's disease. i said no way could that be made, no way and at that point i just turned 39 and my boys just turned 3 it took me awhile to swallow the word parkinsons. she was among the 10 percent of patients diagnosed before age 50 it's called early onset parkinson's for years she struggled to except the news even keeping it from her kids. when my daughter was in fourth grade teachers told me that i had to tell her what was going on one side thought know this isn't going to kill me it's just the shaking she had just a sigh of relief i realized i have to make a part of my everyday life i cannot hide it and i'm not ashamed. in 2009 another turning point she made michael j. fox's memoir lucky man it helped to start a new chapter in her own life. i picked something out of it that
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made me feel like i knew what he was talking about and he has done a lot of work for all of us with parkinson's and i don't know that we would be where we are without his foundation right now. so she dove and to help the cause and asked friends and family to jump as well and supports the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research. being in the aquatic area here at midtown the first year every $600,000. the second year it was over $45,000 i don't want to be a victim of anything i just want to go out and help and raise money. the fourth annual kicking parkin says one laugh at a time fund- raiser will take place this sunday at october 28th
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on october 28th. >> how long will the chill stick around?some big parties this saturday,
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it's definitely a warm weather costume. someone has losit looked
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pretty a big storm turns off the east coast, hurricane sandy continues to spin which some people are comparing to the perfect storm which occurred in 1991 so this will be a larger and perhaps more dangerous storm then the perfect storm back in 1993. today was the big cool down temperatures running anywhere from 20-30 degrees cooler than yesterday at times. a cool surge
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of canadian air continues to push south for chicago. that is what is going to be headed our way. brain to the east but that is not going to affect us and here is sandy spinning off the florida coast as it continues to slowly move north. it will actually start to strengthen as it moves off the coast. there is
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no modern october did tropical system. de tropical system. we have wind gust forecasts numbers to show you and it's pretty amazing. it really isn't going to weaken much. here are a couple of locations. as the storm continues to move north and strengthen with compact it is wind gusts of 70 or more from maine down to north carolina and then the storm moves inland. high winds could
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lead to widespread damages and power outages. we put them all together and show you the different tracks. we will have northeast winds off the lake to borrow a cool but generally dry day. these winds could stir up a little bit of lake cloudiness during the day tomorrow as well as on sunday. winds will be not
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all that bad. saturday, mainly sunny skies for most of us. good football weather. the remnants of sandy could move as far as chicago later next week we will look at the '70s forecast. loud
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and proud at the chicago children's choir still going strong celebrating its 56th anniversary. red jacket optional. the crowd raised half a million dollars the program raising awareness for musical excellence. the fourth annual chicago muscle t. evans made possible by the cisco controlled corporation. dina a longtime supporter is hosting that event donations in a silent auction hoping to raise a quarter of a million dollars who were there today special appearances tonight the chicago bears in former white sox ron kendall. still ahead tonight new
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competition for apple microsoft launches a new tabloid but can it stand up to the ipad? tom hanks back in the news screen. we will let you know if the movie is worth of the trip and he also will relax another one. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen®. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection)
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federal health inspectors face death members went to the deadly meningitis outbreak. dozens of cases of mold and bacteria growing in rooms that were supposed to the serial the sterile. an air-conditioner was also shut off every night despite the importance of controlling temperature and humidity 25 people across the u.s. have died from having the pain pill injected into them at the massachusetts area. there is
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another new tablet in town watching its device known as surface want on sale today. prices at about $500, a $700 model is 54 gb both tablets are wifi only, service comes with a built-in kickstand a detachable keyboard will run you another $100. he carves out the president's likeness' into a giant hunk of butter. they say people will make of it what they will. it might be a good weekend for indoor activities dean
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richards has some options at the box office.
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>> dean richards reviews another movie for us including the sessions and they will be involved in tom hanks. >> my life was headed in one direction today it was headed in another. >> 3 hours long, six different story lines to keep track of and several characters jumping around several different centuries. best known from the matrix trilogy all of them known for their eight esoteric films and stories that are not always the clearest to follow it awkwardly explore this the power of love with a stellar cast. the movie's are impressive but i felt like i was looking at a
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piece of abstract art that was fascinating to see that offers on clear answers as to what it all meant i like my movies to be more clear especially when they take three hours to see for me it's just a little bit too artsy for its own good, a b minus. >> a movie will be talking about at oscar time is the sensitive and surprisingly funny the sessions based on the true story of a polio survivor who is paralyzed from the neck down and lived in an iron long a devout catholic he goes to his parish priest for advice into than a sexual surrogate therapist played by helen kind of physically teaches withkanthunt. the
9:47 pm
amazing performance of this session comes from the character actor john hawkes in the lead role who definitely will get an academy award nomination for this thoughtful fragile performance played with limited physical movement but soaring of motion. sessions is simply one of the best movies of the year, the dean's list a. if you would like to get my weekly dean's list movie reviews sent directly to your phone text dean to 97999. lots of good
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ones this weekend looks like it will be dry? >> it will be dry and cool but not extremely cool for this time of year. we're in a very stagnant weather pattern here in chicago as sandy continues to ride up the coast and strengthen as it does high-pressure we parked right over chicago that will keep us generally dry wind gusts now off of the jersey coast by monday afternoon topping 80 mi. per hour so this will be an incredible formidable storm temperature weis, 20s in the north west and north suburbs tonight's, around 40 in the city back into the 30's toman night and the bears game around 50 degrees. nothing unusual for
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this time of year and some of the remnants of sandy could actually roll fallen offcome far enough west. otherwise the rest of the week is generally looking dry. dry and cool for the next seven days no roller-coaster like temperatures. this is not a repeat of what we said last night or before but there is more bad news for the blackhawks fans. the lockout continues to drag on so what can they do on the ice tonight?
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>> being g m of the baseball team is kind of a grind. the
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assistant gm has become the senior vice president of baseball operations, he did an amazing job in 12 years 41 year old wreck con it takes over. he has gotten offers from several teams over the years. not one but several world series titles open to be brought here. >> i can't imagine it being as special to me as being here and a chance to win for white sox fans and in chicago where i grew up i'm happy my boys get to experience sports in this city and have an up close look at how it works. my doctor is pretty excited about it. he has wanted me to diet. it's no secret that
9:54 pm
i am an intense competitor unfortunately that comes with a certain amount of physical issues along the way and i was warned that i needed to dial back. the final moment for the bulls the final preseason game against the pacers jamie bulger is there for the cleanup the bulls led 52-43 at the half. nate robinson will go coast to coast. still close in the final quarter. looking for a dagger at that point and they got one. the bulls were 97-9. dire news for nhl fans all of the games have been canceled for the month of november. if that happens you
9:55 pm
will not see the black sox this season. getting a thrill when johnson finds a one timer here. all of the bleak news today is getting more frustrating for the players every day. the bulls in peoria tonight the
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final score was 4-1 they go down in peoria, it's not going to be an easy game but we know that with a win we can secure second place and that's really what we are focusing on. i don't think there has been any other game that's quite the same as this but it's going to be a good one. more baseball tonight, game 3 of the world series tomorrow. and finally the second to last stop in malaysia tiger woods was a great shot he gets to go up on the green a shot of 67 and tied
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for the first place 9 under. one more to go in toand the pga tour is over. >> have a good weekend gentlemen, that will do it for us.
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